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About Us

Wedding Street Missouri is an all-inclusive wedding planning company servicing Southern Missouri. 

Our team of professionals are located in the greater Springfield and Branson area.

About You

Wedding Street’s primary objective is the Bride & Groom.  Your experience planning the most important day of your life is the highest priority here at Wedding Street Missouri.  Our marketing is second to client approval – with that in mind, EVERYTHING we do is keeping YOU FIRST!  The website is designed to keep it simple and easy to navigate.  We encourage comments and take each and every suggestion regarded important.

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About Our Website

Wedding Street Missouri offers an exciting new way to plan your wedding with our exclusive “Shopping Cart Estimator” strategically placed throughout our website.  Designed with the Bride and Groom in mind – easy to navigate and simple to plan! 


Once you’re on Wedding Street Missouri, relax and enjoy your self-tailored planning experience, by carting your favorite wedding services and even your ideal venue location.  While searching for your choice of venue and services needed, discover great companies you never knew existed and even save money in the process. 

Whatever you’re shopping for you can find the ideal and affordable services at Wedding Street as we assist in creating your dream wedding.

About Our Services

Our services are unique in that we function like a wedding planner, service and assisting you, in getting the best value and quality on vendor services and venue options without charging you the fees associated with traditional wedding planners. 


WSM also works to find the right vendors to suit your style and budget, which in turn, helps saves you time and money locating those services on your own.  Simply said, we take the guess work and stress out of your planning and budgeting endeavors.

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Pictures Courtesy of Bella Day Photography - Thank You Kelly!

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About Our Story

The idea of building a wedding planning website goes back to 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  My wife and I explored this new sensation, that is to “Surf” the web!  As we were learning about this new idea of obtaining information from the World Wide Web in the early stages of the internet, the idea of creating something to simplify our lives was and still is intriguing.  With little understanding and no previous HTML education, web designing, etc. we took a bold leap of faith, we purchased an Adobe software program and started our pioneering efforts to build Las Vegas Wedding Street.  We obtained a business license and went to work!  …unfortunately, it didn’t take as we expected, the internet wasn’t as popular as it is now.

Artwork by U.N.L.V. Stundent / Artist 1997

The idea and dream to build an online wedding planning business continued after we moved to Utah.  In 2012 we started off by selling our individual talents through networking and learning the Utah demographics as first vendors then eventually wedding planner – those efforts led to now a very successful wedding planning business in Northern Utah. 

About Wedding Street Missouri

While visiting family in the Springfield area back in 2016 the idea of moving here became a discussion, we really enjoyed the visit: the hospitality from the good nature people was and is becoming, and the landscape is breathtaking. 


We moved and bought a home here the summer of 2018 and began the process of establishing Wedding Street Missouri.  Over the last six months we have had phenomenal growth as we expanded in Utah and then began the development of a comparable business model here in Missouri.


Our objective is to provide services in the Southern Missouri area, from Joplin to West Plains and Bolivar down to Branson are first on the website options; nevertheless, Kansas City and Jefferson City will follow soon.  Now that you know more "about us," we encourage you to build an estimate using our online shopping cart; however, you’re more than welcome to call for assistance – we have a facilitator ready to assist in planning your wedding!

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